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Why coders can be shamans and the ancient prophecy of the Hummingbird Tribe, powered by Bitcoin

Part 1

Given that Nostrica is just a week away, and that the catch phrase for Nostr seems to be ‘Pura Vida,’ or Pure life, which coincidentally is also the ubiquitous saying heard all over Costa Rica, I thought I’d dig into why Costa Rica, and especially the Golden Triangle of Dominical, Uvita, Ojochal and Tinamaste are now the centre of the healing world and quite possibly the decentralised, Bitcoin world.

To do this we are going to need to talk about ancient prophecies, hummingbirds and why coders can be shamans.

I guarantee you, when you logged on to the internet today, you didn’t imagine for one moment you would be going to read an article that covers so much seemingly disparate ground.

So, let’s get started.

There is an ancient prophecy, mostly a spoken prophecy past down via ancient plant medicine practitioners, so you won’t find too much written about it on the internet, and it goes something like this;

When the tribes of the Condor and Eagle finally come together, the medicine of the forests will return in the hands of the enemy, and the Hummingbird Tribe will appear, heal the Earth, and set it upon a new path of enlightenment and peace.

Dang! Thats a lot to unpack. Especially if your last encounter with a prophecy was the Dark Crystal movie.

To dig into this we need to start with a whistle-stop tour of Central and South American history.

So, contrary to what we learnt at school, there were many advanced civilisations that communed with the stars and star-people, and formed deep connections to the Earth via its many natural plant and animal spirits. These interactions are timeless and even though it is true that a lot of early humans were bashing rocks together for entertainment, there were also sophisticated pockets of much higher wisdom present.

When Columbus arrived in the East Indies in 1492, or as we like to call it now, the Caribbean, he sailed up the coast of Central America and saw nothing but primitive life. Like a dog watching Netflix, Columbus couldn’t comprehend what was in-front of him, no matter how hard he might have tried.

Spoiler Alert: Columbus didn’t try at all.

Columbus’s arrival marked the start of a long-prophesied demise of indigenous culture and the ancient ways of communing with the universe via plant medicines, like Ayahuasca, Peyote & psilocybin etc. Contrary to popular history the Americas was in fact a complex web of advanced wisdom and knowledge that ran thousands of kilometres across the entire continent. Columbus and the peers that soon followed saw only inhospitable forests, gold and human populations to be exploited. As the conquistadors took hold they began to ransack every population they encountered The ancient medicinal ways of the plants and land as healers and guides retreated to the furthest, unreachable places.

Often the wisdom was lost because many generational elders died enmasse.

On top of this, many higher spirits left the Earth, with a vow only to return when humans had the technological wisdom to make a large, but necessary leap of consciousness upwards, to ensure their survival and prosperity for another few more millennia.

As the tribes were decimated by this new Culture of War, and the diseases they carried, the practice of medicine was also violently targeted and suppressed by the Church and State. As predicted by the ancients, the next 500 years or so, life on Earth was going to be dominated by a strong energy of war and the exploitative commerce of extraction.

Humans began to globally adopt the first incarnations of the rent seeking monetary systems we still live with today. For humans to really change, they would need to fundamentally redesign how we share value and this wouldn’t happen for hundreds of years into the future.

The sacred energies of the Eagle tribes in the north, and the Condor tribes in the south were fractured. Harmony was broken and would remain weak and out of kilter for generations. Under the energy of continual war and conquest humankind made many groundbreaking scientific discoveries, but the cost in human lives and earthly resources was high.

During this time the inner work of expanding human consciousness plummeted, with small pockets of psychonauts holding out in remote regions of the world like Tibet, the mountains of Colombia or the great forests of the Americas.

The old spirits that remained on the Earth often did their best to inspire great sages, but the technology to create a meaningful movement that could really change humanity remained elusive and out of reach.

Hundreds of years passed. Man sought to master nature, and oftentimes partly succeeded, but remained mostly disconnected from his inner nature and that of the Cosmos.

The internet Age created a new awakening on planet Earth. Suddenly a single human, with a niche idea, had the ability to hold an audience with people from across the world. The rapid advancement of technology and human connection brought about by social media was the sign that powerful, cosmic spirits had been waiting for. They would begin to return to Earth, and use whatever mediums and conduits resonated with their preferred frequency. Inspired ideas and technologies now began to flood the technological space. The population of the planet was now in the billions. Higher intelligences needed the super-inter-connectivity of the internet age to spread their message and prepare humans for an eventual ground shift into a higher state of being and peace.

For millennia it had been recognised that humans have a unique and dysfunctional relationship with value and energy transference and that the specific remedies were unique to Earth and not used anywhere else in the cosmos. As social media began to really take its grip and be warped by human desire and greed, behind the scenes real work was taking place to fundamentally realign humanity.

It is a mistake to think that spirits were waiting for a critical mass of hippies to start the ‘love revolution.’

The truth is quite the opposite. What they were really waiting for was the right amount of geeks and nerds to write the code to human super connectivity. Although it oft-times seems like global inter-connectivity has proliferated hate more than love, this is a side effect of human’s relationship with value and material things that can’t be healed quickly.

In many beings, it can't be healed at all in this life time, and the warring age of the last 500 years will slowly recede one death at a time.

The Boomer generation, born of war, are the last full war generation. Gen X less so, and so on and so on. It doesn’t mean that the Earth will no longer experience war, but instead, as our relationship with what is valuable and how that is shared changes, war and destruction as a means of creation and societal advancement will become more costly and infeasible.

Transitioning from an Age where war and exploitation of the weak were the driving forces for change is now in process. For some it is obvious to see, for others it is as imperceptible as water eroding rocks, but the transition is happening and will ultimately take generations to complete.

It will be led by people born into new ways of thinking. Which brings us nicely to the Hummingbird tribe.

The prophecy states that when the Eagle tribes and the Condor tribes finally unite, they will give rise to the Hummingbird tribe who will bring what is needed to fix the Earth and human society. The Hummingbirds intuitively understand how ancient ways, like respect for the four elements of the Earth and modern technology can unite together without conflict and bring about harmonious results.

By way of example, most humans have been brought up with the zero-sum mindset of extraction regarding energy. Energy is a limited resource, and either the world needs to reduce energy to survive, or consume energy to the detriment of others, or even the world itself. For Hummingbirds, who come from a place of unlimited energy, their message is for us to tap into the unlimited energy that exists both within ourselves and throughout the universe as we progress to a higher level of consciousness.

This is why Hummingbirds appear in all shapes and guises. They’re yoga teachers, meditators, healers, psychonauts, shamans and…. Coders!

Yes, coders.

We are rapidly entering into a new Renaissance, but this time, instead of philosophers and classical painters being remembered for lifting humanity, it will be coders, developers and engineers who help lift humanity out of the cul-de-sac of exploitation we have run ourselves into.

It was Hal Finney who said,

"If you want to change the world, don't protest. Write code!" - (1994)

Hal was an old Master of the Eagle tribe, but the work that he did with Satoshi breathed life into the Hummingbirds of today who are writing the code on Bitcoin that is a fundamental part of the profound revolution we’re going through.

If you’ve ever sat in an ayahuasca ceremony, it won’t be long before you conclude, magic is real, and through medicine talented humans weave magic to help their fellow time-travellers.

Code is no different to a form of magic, and coders working tirelessly for the higher elevation of humanity, in order to fix our dysfunctional relationship with money and value are no different to shamans cooking spells.

It was Arthur C Clarke who said,

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Pre Colombus civilisations would look at our world today as if it was full of magic. The reality is, they would be right.

We are passing out of the Age of War into an Age where technology and magic are indistinguishable. A world the ancient spirits said they would return to once we had the technology to raise up our consciousness to another plain.

It feels like all things are happening at once, because they are.

So, how does all this relate to Costa Rica, Bitcoin and Nostrica?

Central America is now literally the future of the world. It’s no coincidence that people feel drawn to the area for reasons they can’t quite put their finger on. Costa Rica has been pulling in alternative people from all over the world for years. El Salvador, or The Savior is also doing the same now.

Remember that prophecy we first started with? Well, There’s one bit I left out, and that is where the hummingbird tribe would amass to learn the skills to help fix the world.

Of course it’s Central America, more specifically Costa Rica, and more specificeven than that, the golden triangle that makes up the towns Uvita, Dominical, Ojochal and Tinamaste.

The area is a special energy vortex, found nowhere else in the world that is calling in people from all over the globe to reimagine the future.

Nostrica and Bitcoin Jungle are here because…? Well, why would they be anywhere else?

To be continued. . .

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1 Comment

Apr 23, 2023

While I have a lot of respect for the Bitcoin Jungle project, I believe that this particular post is not appropriate for it. The author seems to have mixed a lot of trendy misinformation with a Tulum-inspired literature and a certain air of superiority. Instead of associating this post with the project, I suggest the author publish it on their personal blog or somewhere else.

Furthermore, I urge the author to ground themselves in reality and take a deeper dive into the fundamentals and history of the country they are living in. This post is full of "black legend" misinformation and lacks a thorough understanding of the issues it touches upon.

Creating a community and pushing for admirable projects is…

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