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Whether you live in the area, own a small business, are just passing through or live far, far away you can still help us achieve a circular Bitcoin economy! Check out the links below to learn about all the ways you can help us. Just like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Jungle is for everyone!


Bitcoin Jungle is centered around Uvita, Costa Rica. This burgeoning town sits along the southern Pacific coast and fuses the vibes of a surf town and rural jungle mountains. Here you can visit our national parks, go deep sea fishing,  zip-line through the jungle, attend wildlife tours, whale watching tours, yoga retreats, music festivals, and so much more.


If you would like to integrate Bitcoin and Lightning payments into your business then please get in touch.
We are already onboarding many businesses.
The principal benefits of accepting Bitcoin payments are to reduce friction and bank charges for both you and the client. If your business relies on digital payments, especially from overseas customers, adding Bitcoin to your payment method has the potential to greatly reduce any charges.
Your Bitcoin payments can be added to your accounts like any other payment.




Bitcoin Jungle aims to create community outreach programs. In order for people to see Bitcoin as money they need to be able to earn it via real work, not just air-drops. Bitcoin Jungle aims to create community projects where people can be paid in Bitcoin. If you are a charity or community initiative and have any projects you’d like us to help with then please get in touch.




If you live in Costa Rica, then we aim to provide you with the resources you need to learn about, use, and adopt Bitcoin! We offer an easy to use lightning wallet, local meetups, giveaways, and community events. 



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